Biyernes, Abril 15, 2011

still sober

 like any other urban places in the world, davao sets its party scene into different styles , genres and labels. from old school to new-time socialite uppereastsiders. from bisexuals promenade to bitches prowling den. all with great deals of proficiently mixed cocktail drinks, cheap commercialized beverages and deliciously prepared "Pulutan".. Partying for others is a taboo, a vice or maybe even a great waste of time and money. many people stereotyped party people as easy go lucky or perhaps not serious about their responsibilities. but for me, for us, party goers, partying is just an exhaust. for all the head cracking mind bobbling worries, angst, problems and burdens we have, for all the tiresome works and draining responsibilities partying seems to be the first and last resort of channeling out the negative energy! there maybe a tons of memorable night-outs i have  but i would like to share some of them. First, POLEDANCER instant dancer! last year, i cant remeber the dates, when we were given a one (1) day break from our nursing licensure review. together with my review mates we went into different clubs which are  hit that time. the drinks were much cheaper and the music were my favorite. approximately i havent drink for 3months that time and so i missed alcohol much...i drank abour a case of beer and a liter of rhum. i was still in my consciousness but my inhibitions vanished. i cant stop my impulsivities and crankiness . so shameful. first, i wnet into the cr to micturate, then i find myself screaming and shouting bout my brief! where's my brief! to find out i already wore it. second. i ate all the pulutan and spank my friend for scolding me bout what i am doing, third fought over someone and dug in with my paranoia that she's gossiping me and lastly...POLEDANCING.. my friends were shocked bacuse i just did that that time. 

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