Biyernes, Abril 15, 2011

still sober

 like any other urban places in the world, davao sets its party scene into different styles , genres and labels. from old school to new-time socialite uppereastsiders. from bisexuals promenade to bitches prowling den. all with great deals of proficiently mixed cocktail drinks, cheap commercialized beverages and deliciously prepared "Pulutan".. Partying for others is a taboo, a vice or maybe even a great waste of time and money. many people stereotyped party people as easy go lucky or perhaps not serious about their responsibilities. but for me, for us, party goers, partying is just an exhaust. for all the head cracking mind bobbling worries, angst, problems and burdens we have, for all the tiresome works and draining responsibilities partying seems to be the first and last resort of channeling out the negative energy! there maybe a tons of memorable night-outs i have  but i would like to share some of them. First, POLEDANCER instant dancer! last year, i cant remeber the dates, when we were given a one (1) day break from our nursing licensure review. together with my review mates we went into different clubs which are  hit that time. the drinks were much cheaper and the music were my favorite. approximately i havent drink for 3months that time and so i missed alcohol much...i drank abour a case of beer and a liter of rhum. i was still in my consciousness but my inhibitions vanished. i cant stop my impulsivities and crankiness . so shameful. first, i wnet into the cr to micturate, then i find myself screaming and shouting bout my brief! where's my brief! to find out i already wore it. second. i ate all the pulutan and spank my friend for scolding me bout what i am doing, third fought over someone and dug in with my paranoia that she's gossiping me and lastly...POLEDANCING.. my friends were shocked bacuse i just did that that time. 

Sun-Kissed Skin!

excitement stirred my consciousness as i squirm at the corner of the fridge as we talk about our Holy Week escapade. i was really not into beach bumming that time because for sure i would get a darker skin but as we push through  the details of our destination i felt a little click of approval- white sand, clean, high edge of secrecy and eclusivity and more great..lots of foods! sumptuous! i was given only a day to pack my belongings and prepare for our momentous adventure.  i just packed two tees , one boardshorts, 3 pieces of lowraised briefs and a piece of tanked top,off course my mechanical brush, a toothpaste, deodorant and sunblock. as much as i want, i couldnt bring all things i want, for the obvious reason, that its me who'll get tired. when we departed , we rode into a Barge  that's so filled with passengers and 4wheeled vehicles ,about to wrecked and sink into the deep-blue sea. (sheesh! we even managed to get pictures!lol) finally we have arrived! it was around 2 pm, the weather their is a bit of cloudy and gloomy, so conducive for swimming and skindipping. before proceeding to our actual destination we went into a seaside-hilltop where the overview of the place is appreciated, i wasnt really amzed though. because im really preoccupied with our destination. soon enough we immediately went back to the car and traveled for about 2 hours towards our destination. as i saw the facade of the place disappointment struck me! what a deserted and creepy place. but i hid my observations and feelings i just wait for further instructions, we hiked for about 10 meters towards the location of our stayhouses . upon arriving, wow!!all i was saying that time was wow. the place is so amazing! white sands , turquoised seawater, kayakboats, a beautiful cr , a lovely stream of falls where water is falling into a pond of lovely swamp golfish and carps, a seaside hut accentuated by a elegant cushion and a intricately  sparkling white mirage accented with black trimming and slatted curtains... and most of all a cliff diving area beautified by colorful  glass spheres and bonsais which makes any picturesque justified!  i want really ready to dip myself into the sparkling icy water, amazement occupied me..and made me more even contented and gratified. we first prepared our meal, and off course thanked the Lord for the great place, mouthwatering banquet and most especially the company of everyone! wonderful!! we changed into our swimming wears and tune up onto the discreet showers by the trees! so amzing! showers are eveywhere,. at the twig. boulder and at the trunk! my jaw would almost separate at my mandible that time! we rushed into the beautiful cliff and nervously jumped for a dive! my feet are shaking! the waters are so blue that i think those were so deep, well, why be bothered i know how to swim, ill still live after i dive..(hopefully!) as i prepared and set my stance for diving i  cant help but cross my fingers, goshes, cowardice is all i felt that time! breathtaking, its about 25  feet tall. the sudden gush and splash of water made me strive to waddle my feet and aim for the surface! air!air! gasp,gasp..traumatic experience, but so great!!
breathtaking! off from a 25 feet cliff!

we haven't really noticed that its about time to eat our dinner. Lechon Biik, salads, colas, grilled tuna and milkfish , gallon of wine and 2 dozens of canned beverages! the night was prolific and memorable! we shared our experiences, and everything about ourselves! i just love that night! we drink a lot and eat a lot. its so worryfree that we left everything in the city a brought nothing but ourselves there. the pilfering people in the urban, the suffocating combustion of trafficed vehicles, the annoyances of filthy stubborn street children , the busyness we have from school and most the problems we have.. so rejuvinating..unwinding and chillaxing! just wonderful! just great! as our melatonins oozes we suit ourselvesinto our preferred haven.. me into the woven hammock, my friends, into the cushion. we woke up refreshed and rested. the warm breeze of pacific air lingers onto our cheeks and regains our consciousness. the seawater waves made the shore even more sparkled than it was before. as we reached through the table- where our foods were, we were shocked and squealing! i hate the angst! gosh! who stole our lecho Baboy? it was still whole the night we left it. dang it. the witchy creepy ugly black cat! i almost wanna kill that cat! we were left with nothing! desperately we traveled across another island, thats about 5 kilometers far, using the kayak boats and four pieces of paddles. disgusting! really disgusting! but as we move from island to island, i thanked for the great bleesing...a blessing in disguise though.. the scenery was like a painted one! purposedly designed by someone! i cant help but fill myself with intense awe and amusement! God! you have a place like this! so thankful! all i could say that time was Thanks! the colorful delicate corals sprung into the shallow sea.. how beautiful. there i saw a green oval coral almost asized with a truck! wow! but i felt extreme sadness for i havent taken i picture of it. too bad. and so, we moved on.. here we arrived into the nearby island, we bought a lot of canned goods, ice, jucie in a tetra pack and a bunch of cigarettes. tired still, we paddled breathlessly going back into our island..and so when we came ..we were almost dying!as in literally dying! exhausted , drained out deflated whatever you call it..after we have finished our breakfast by the shore , we immediately rode into the kayaks and start racing. we xplored the island, venturing into another island and jumping off the kayak when we want to swim! an hour after we went on diving! gearing up is as easy as changing clothes but the process beneath is just so hard .. breathing through an oxygen and grasping any wonderful things you've seen. last years adventure was indeed a moment to be treasured and kept in my heart forever! perhaps it we cant extend the fun but we have made the best of it! indeed a great experience!